Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's a Small World After All...

So yesterday I saw a friend of mine on AIM who hadn't been online in a while. She recently moved back to her home town and didn't have a network connection at her new place yet, so she's been living with public terminals in libraries and occasional trips to her parent's house to borrow their dial up connection, oh the horror.

In any event, we spent some time catching up, and she mentions that she's working in a local artsy theater as the snack bar girl, and that while it's a bit of a change from her previous life doing graphic design for big name companies on huge budgets she's really enjoying it. Plus, they have really good cake and don't mind her "I'm not getting older damn it" bright pink hair.

At this point I comment on how much I miss the Spectrum (which has apparently expanded since the last time I was there, since it's now the Spectrum 8, not the Spectrum 7, although both domain names work) back in Albany, and that they had the best cake...

And amusingly enough, she replies that they do indeed still have the best cake.

Apparently that's actually where she's working. Small world.

So if you're in Albany and end up at the Spectrum, and you see a girl at the snack counter with bright pink hair, tell her I said hello ;-)