Friday, July 15, 2005

Now In Korean

Apparently my book has been translated into Korean.

I'm amused that the first I heard of this was when I got home from work and saw a little "Hey, your package is at the office" slip from UPS on my door ;-)

And since I'm too lazy to take a picture, here's some "proof". Judging from the URLs on the dead tree copies I got in the mail, that's the web site for the company that did the translation, although oddly enough that isn't the actual cover from the Korean version, the actual covor is green, and has largely Korean text on it, plus a picture of a guy sitting at a computer, with his back to you. It also comes with a CD-ROM, which the english version doesn't. Do they think that people in Korea don't have internet access and can't download Subversion for themselves or something? Weird.

I'm still rather amused by the idea that some company in Korea just translated my book. Crazy.