Sunday, July 2, 2006


A little over 300 pictures taken at the Onset fireworks last night, and about 10 that ended up looking decent enough to put on flickr ;-)

Things I've learned about photographing fireworks...

People keep standing up in front of you. What a pain. Maybe I need a taller tripod.

Auto focus totally doesn't work at all, although that's not entirely unexpected.

Tripods on the beach only sorta work. Need to find a better spot to shoot from next year.

I really could have used a hands free shutter release thingy. Again, maybe for next year.

Should have reset the focus part way through, it looked decent at the beginning, but a lot of the later shots looked blurry.

The smoke really does get in the way. It's important to get some good shots quickly, because by the end of the show the smoke will obscure most everything.

Anyway, here's the stuff that ended up looking halfway decent. Enjoy.