Monday, July 24, 2006


So I started this morning by waking up at like 6AM so I could stare at the ceiling and worry about my tutorial about using the Subversion libraries in your own code.

Fortunately, the tutorial actually went quite well. I had something like 30 people show up, and most of them managed to stay awake throughout most of the talk ;-)

Additionally, I actually had enough content to fill all three hours, almost exactly. Ideally I would have actually had slightly less stuff, since I ran about 5 minutes over, and it would have been good to stop a few minutes early to leave time for questions.

Most importantly though, it's over, and I can move on to worrying about my talks later in the week.

Post-tutorial I ran into Ugo Cei, who's blog I've read for some time. We grabbed lunch at the Red Robin near the convention center, which was a great way to wind down after the tutorial. I swear the entire convention was sitting in that place over lunch...

Right now I'm sitting in MJD's talk on Higher Order Perl. The high point so far was him going off on a rant about the correct plural of the word octopus, which was quite amusing. Other than that, not too much stuff I hadn't gotten out of his book (although the trick to bless a closure into an object is pretty slick, I don't recall seeing that before), but I have high hopes for the section about parsing at the end of the talk.

Anyway, back to paying attention...