Friday, July 7, 2006

XMPP/Jabber Fun

So just yesterday Paul and I were talking about the various options available for running your own Jabber server (short version, Wildfire and DJabberd appear to be the best options available, which you use probably depends on whether you want to extend it and if so whether you prefer to hack in Java or Perl), and then today the Livejournal guys announce their new Jabber support. It's pretty slick, if you're already a Livejournal user you automatically get a Jabber acount that's integrated with your existing Livejournal friends list (your mutual friends anyway, other friends show up as pending). Perhaps most importantly, server to server support works (although there are still some issues with regard to cross server buddy lists apparently), which means this will work just fine with other Jabber based systems (like Google Talk). The IM world continues to get more and more interesting. Wonder how long it'll take until one of the big three IM systems start supporting Jabber natively...


  1. There's a rumor that AIM might start speaking XMPP soon, as part of AOL's relationship with Google, but who knows.

  2. good news for the jabber community.