Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Day 3: New Florence MO -> Denver CO

Today has been largely focused on porn.

Not on actually looking at it of course, but on theorizing about it.

You see, it turns out that Missouri has a far larger number of roadside porn superstores along route 70 than you'd guess. Kansas, on the other hand, has very few, and Colorado has pretty much none.

Does this mean that Kansas and Colorado have something against porn?

Our current theory is that it's not actually Kansas and Colorado being particularly anti-porn, just that the parts of Kansas and Colorado we drove through have way fewer people than the section of Missouri, and while roadside porn stores can probably extract some kind of business from the interstate trucker community it seems unlikely to be enough to really sustain a business if it's unable to also draw on some sort of local community support.

In any event, that's the most interesting observation from today's drive. Kansas and the first half of Colorado aren't all that interesting really. Kansas is large areas of farmland, with almost nothing else, and eastern Colorado is a slightly smaller area of farmland, which actually has less non-farm type stuff than Kansas had.

Here's the google map for today's journey, although it's not all that interesting considering that the entire trip was along one road...

Tomorrow is still up in the air. The original plan was to head through Colorado and into Utah, ending up in Salt Lake City. That's still a possibility, but considering our rapid progress the idea of heading down to Las Vegas has become an attractive possibility, especially since it would allow us to drive up through much of CA, which is actually an interesting drive, and honestly I'm not all that psyched about seeing Salt Lake City.

We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings us...


  1. I drove X-country a few times when I was in college and soon there after. After a few days on the road you start to feel like a trucker. Back then cell coverage pretty much sucked so we used CBs. That really added to the effect. You'll see the country through the eyes of trucker. Those were some of the best days of my life.

  2. The drive from southern CA to middle CA is to be avoided. Brown land, lots of wind turbines. See Bakersfield and despair. The coast road further north is really cool though.
    On the other hand Kansas makes the rest of the country seem pretty interesting.

  3. I'd go for vegas. from what I remmember of salt lake city the first time, the city doesn't want us back.

  4. Salt Lake City's not all that bad. The bars are all private clubs though which cost $5 for a temporary membership. Unfortunately I'll be leaving it at 7pm tonight, so I'd miss you if you came on through. Call if you make it to LA, I'll be there through Saturday.

  5. Missouri is fixated on nakedness, even if you don't count East St. Louis (most people don't). While I was living there you couldn't drive 5 minutes without hearing an ad for plastic surgery or tanning. And there were plastic surgery ads EVERYWHERE! It was several pages of the phone book. It's a wierd state. And I'll be there tomorrow!!

  6. Remember... you'll have lots of time to explore California! So spend your time further away from your new home. (Assuming they're not working you 90 hour weeks ;))... If you go down to Vegas, take time to see the national parks in Utah first! Yes... avoid Baksersfield. If you're in Vegas and have time, you might like to drive back up via Death Valley, then Rt. 395 all the way up to I-80 near Tahoe and then over to San Francisco from there. (The other mountain passes are likely still closed for the season)

  7. Five dollars says you like Salt Lake City. I always thought it looked nice set with the mountains in the background. Nevada - tackiest state in the union. No doubt about it. Cross the border and stop at the first gas station on I80, you'll see what I mean.

  8. Sounds like a good time! I drove from CA->Troy about five years ago, and we took a long and winding route to visit my grandmother near San Bernadino, then up to Vegas, then Zion NP in southern Utah, then back through the SW and into Texas. Not recommended during a heat wave though!
    Anyway, my parents used to and my brother still does live in southwestern Missouri, and I've driven I-44 back and forth to St. Louis a number of times, and I know what you mean about the porn! Along one stretch there was a neon, Wild West-themed porn strip mall reminiscent of Old Storytown at the Great Escape. Scary! Then, about a mile later, there was a billboard with a family photo and ginormous words exclaiming PORN DESTROYS FAMILIES. Very weird place.

  9. Ernst,
    You don't have to go up through the middle of the state from southern california; you can go by the coast the whole way...
    - ask