Saturday, April 23, 2005

Day 7: Santa Clara, CA -> Santa Clara, CA

Ok, so it's not like we actually drove all that far today (a mile or so?), but in some sense this is the last leg of the trip, as today we were able to get into my new (temporary) apartment for the first time.

Spent most of the day killing time, since I wasn't technically supposed to show up at the apartment until 4PM. This involved breakfast at IHOP, wandering around Microcenter (they had a copy of my book!), catching a movie, etc. Once the movie finished up we decided to head on over, despite the fact that we were technically a little early.

Fortunately, the complex had everything set up already, and we were able to basically walk right in. The only catch was trying to park in the wrong parking garage (they don't indicate anywhere which parking spaces are in which garage, so I went through the entire first garage looking for space 300 only to find that it's in the second garage), other than that everything went perfectly.

The place is nice, really nice. It's right across the street from a supermarket, and a reasonably short (15 minutes or so) drive from the office, so all in all I'm pretty psyched about it. Getting motivated enough to find a new place may require some effort though ;-)