Thursday, April 14, 2005

Moving Day

So it's like half-past OH MY $DIETY IT'S EARLY, and the packers are supposed to arrive any second now. Then, an hour and a half or so later the guy with the truck should pull in.

It would be nice if I was a little more prepared (certain parts of my apartment are still something resembling a train wreck), but oh well, that didn't happen. In any event, everything I plan on taking with me on the drive is either in the car or on the way to the car, so I figure I'm at least reasonably prepared, All I need to do is keep them from packing up any of my roomate's stuff and I'm all set.

Anyway, this is certainly better than packing everything up myself, but all things considered moving still sucks, even when you discount the whole "leaving 98% of the people I know on this side of the country and moving someplace I've hardly ever been to" part of the equation.

But I'm still excited about it! Now where the hell are the movers...