Monday, April 25, 2005

First Day

Today went pretty well.

I overestimated the time it would take me to get to work (better than underestimating it I guess), and showed up a little earlier than I planned to. Then it turned out that I failed to account for cultural differences between California engineers who work on web based RSS aggregators and Connecticut engineers who work on financial software, because I had to wait around about an hour before anyone actually got to work.

Once my coworkers arrived we had the usual fun getting my computer set up and usernames and passwords worked out and so forth, and we managed to miss my orientation meeting with the HR people, but other than that things went about as well as can be expected. I got to meet the people I'll be working with (some of them for the second time), and they all seem quite cool. I'm especially impressed with Mark's ability to be amusing after having been woken up by a crashing database server at 3AM ;-)

Spent most of the day reading over parts of the codebase while we waited for RedHat CDs to download. Those finished just as I was about to leave, so tomorrow we can reinstall my computer and get a development environment set up for me, then I'm off on whatever project Mark and Paul decide I'll be working on.