Thursday, May 15, 2003

Fun With Wiki!

so i ran across a neat article on oreillynet last night about CGI::Kwiki, a perl module that lets you easily create a wiki (and when they say easy, they mean easy... it literally took me seconds to set this one up.

i think my next toy project will be figuring out how to get Kwiki to store it's pages in a Subversion repository. the author, Brian Ingerson (also one of the guys behind the yaml data serialization format), gives a quick example of how to have it store changes in RCS, but that seems so old-school that i have to show how it can be done with more modern tools.

oh, for the curious, there is also a subwiki project that's working on a more full featured wiki integrated with Subversion, but that's more than i'm looking for. i just want something simple to give my wiki a little security and history preservation.