Wednesday, May 14, 2003

No Time...

ok, no time for something deep and profound, so here are a few random links:

  • monotone - an interesting new version control system. good ideas, but i don't know how practical it'll end up being. the project's implemented in reasonably nice c++, which is a nice change of pace. down side: not far enough along to be self hosting, which loses big points in my book. if you can't use your version control system to develop your version control system, it's not that cool. i mean isn't the point of writing these things that we DON'T want to use CVS anymore?
  • this really stands on it's own, without comment from me.
  • as does this.
  • martin has a blog. unfortunately he doesn't seem to have an RSS feed, which kind of sucks since it means i'll probably forget to read it.