Tuesday, May 27, 2003

#include <title.h>

so it looks like the people at apress are serious, and they really do want me to write a book about
subversion. i was a little skeptical at first, since i haven't written anything longer than a term paper since high school, but i just got a contract emailed to me, so i guess they're really serious ;-)

anyway, assuming i don't freak out and decide that there's no way i'll be able to write an entire book about anything, i'll be signing the contract and sending it back in the next day or so, and then i'll settle down and devote a staggering amount of my free time over the rest of the year to writing.

now, back to figuring out how to make docbook produce separate output files for each chapter in a book. i'm certain it can be done for html, but i need rtf, since apress works in word, and if i want to work in docbook i'll have to adapt a bit to what they need. if anyone has any clue on how to do this, please feel free to let me know. i spent much of the weekend struggling to make it produce rtf output at all, and i'm not looking forward to attacking the 'separate files' problem...


  1. Hey, that's great, congrats!

  2. Cool, congrats!

  3. that's awesome! if you decide to take it on and would like someone to proof read, i'll be more than happy to lend a hand.

  4. That's my bro. I can't wait to see my name on the dedication page. (Do programming books have dedication pages?)

  5. congratulations! now we just need to get you a pipe and a tweed smoking jacket with some patches on the sleeve...

  6. Kick ass. :) Just don't go too literary on us, now...

  7. Hi,

    for Your DocBook->Word problem you might look into Mark Pilgrims Solution for Dive Into Python. He has written a small Framework using Python, Java, Ant, DocBook and Microsoft Word (amon others) to create Word output from a DocBook document.
    The procedure is basicly following:
    1. Create a simple HTML page from DocBook via XSLT
    2. Call Word from Python and convert the HTML to DOC
    the whole process is managed by Ant.

    You will have to customize it in the following way:
    1. create multiple HTML pages from DocBook via XSLT
    2. create a DOC for every created HTML file

    You can find the build scripts at: http://www.diveintopython.org/download/diveintopython-common-4.1.zip
    The interesting parts are:
    file build_common.xsl line 205
    file py/makerealworddoc.py

    Then take a look at
    file xsl/word2000.xsl line 6
    there You could try to change the import to chunk.xsl which will create multiple output files. Another solution could be to merge it with
    file xsl/html.xsl

    I hope this helps a step further, and wish You much sucess with your book.

    Lars Trieloff

  8. d00d, you're writing a book! WTF?! Guess you won't have any free time to go out and get yourself laid, but well...Hey, that's awesome, you're writing a book! Congrats!

  9. So it would seem that our good friend Garrett has been tapped to write a book about Subversion. Not of our government, fortunately, but the new and up and coming version control system that's "going to replace CVS any day...