Monday, May 19, 2003

What Is Wrong With Me?

why is it that every time i feel the need to search google i actually go to their web page first? i mean it isn't like my browser of choice doesn't have a built in search tab in the toolbar that would go right to the results without me having to wait for their front page to load first.


and of course each time i do it it makes me feel like such an inadequate geek.

i mean if i can't remember to use these things, how is anyone non-technical going to?


  1. makes you feel any better, it took me a good month of really paying attention when i went to do a search to remember to use the thing. i still go to the homepage every so often out of habit... it actually might have something to do with the fact that all the searches i do at work on windoze and ie have to be done through the homepage though.

  2. i use the actual google web page as often as not, too, but that's just because i demand to use the Swedish Chef version.

  3. I use the built-in search tab, but I feel like I'm totally missing out on the google experience on holidays. :(