Sunday, May 25, 2003

Not Bad...

so i've been using firebird for most of today, and i must say it's pretty cool.

i'm a big fan of the mozilla project in general, if only because XUL is damn cool technology, and i very much like the idea of a lightweight cross platform browser.

i was worried at first (back when they weren't releasing os x builds of phoenix), but it looks like they're well on the way to making firebird into that browser. so far, the only real issues i've found are that startup is a little slow (faster than mozilla, but slower than safari), and there are a number of little annoyances (no hotkey for 'go back a page', open-apple-click doesn't open a link in a new tab, open-apple-h opens the history sidebar instead of hiding the app).

all of these are issues, but they're really to be expected at this point in it's development, and i'm certain that as time goes on it will mature into a fantasticly usable application, both on the mac and elsewhere.


  1. ok, i was wrong. there is a hotkey for back and forward, it's just alt-arrow, instead of open-apple-arrow, like most mac browsers. perhaps that will change in the future... looking at the source for browser.xul, it seems that they've already got an ifdef for windows, so i imagine one for mac will follow eventually.

  2. Have you tried Camino? It loads fast, is Mozilla based, and is feature complete as far as I can tell. No little annoyances. I command you to download it!

  3. I didn't notice your little thing about cross platform. Why do you want a cross-platform browser? Why not use the best one on any given platform?

  4. i like cross platform software for a number of reasons. some are selfish (it's easier for me if i don't have to adjust my habits when i switch platforms, and i switch between 3 major and at least 1 minor platform on a daily basis, so this matters to me), and some are aesthetic (cross platform development takes discipline, and software written with things like that in mind tends to be written by people who worry about a lot of other important things along with being cross platform. in the end, you end up with better software).

    plus, as i said, the XUL (cross platform front end) parts of mozilla are just plain cool, and camino doesn't use those, so a whole host of neat things you can do with mozilla (or firebird) just aren't possible with camino.