Saturday, August 16, 2003

Expensive Toys

so my editor told my my first check was in the mail...

as a result, any sembalance of self control vanished, and i went out and bought a canon eos 10d and a canon 28-105mm 3.5-4.5 usm lense.

they are just the coolest things ever, and i'm quite pleased.

it basically came down to the canon and the nikon d100, and i went with the canon because it's slightly newer tech, so i can feel better about it not becoming horribly obsolete in the next few days, it's cheaper, especially when you account for the fact that it comes with photoshop elements, which i would have bought anyway, and most importantly it just felt more solid and well built to me.

i'll have to get some pictures up on the web somewhere soon, once i've managed to take some that don't totally suck ;-)


  1. excellent!
    now you just need a cat!


  2. Ech. Self control is over-rated.

    If you don't mind my asking, where'd you end up getting the camera? When I last shopped for such devices, I dealt with some seemingly fly-by-night places before deciding to spend a little more with B & H. Now that I'm going through the process again, I'm wondering if there are other places worth looking.

  3. I thought about one of the more fly-by-night places (there are some out there that are considerably cheaper), but then ended up going with a local camera shop, which was slightly more expensive than ordering from B & H, but has the advantage of allowing me to walk in and complain if something goes wrong with it ;-)

  4. That would be one advantage :) One thing I like about reputable online shops is you can often look up your records at any time. After I found out my dad's camera was stolen, I was able to look up the receipts for both the camera and charger at around midnight. Depending on which local place I chose, I might not have been able to get that paperwork (...and don't even think about trying that if you use a fly by night place...)