Tuesday, August 5, 2003

Nicely Done!

so typepad is now available in a 'prerelease' form, and i must say i'm impressed. for anyone who's looking for a simple way to set up a weblog with all the bells and whistles without needing to mess around with maintaining a web server or installing CGI scripts, this is the way to do it. i just had to try it out, and so far so good. the UI is fantastic, the responses i've received concerning the few problems i've found have been rapid and clueful (as one would expect from the people who wrote movable type), and despite a few minor issues (that will likely be ironed out in coming days), i'm -><- this close to switching over.

i definately still think blosxom is just ridiculously cool, but this is quite close to convincing me to switch, and that's saying something. i'll have to give it some thought, but who knows, maybe i'll be sitting down and figuring out how to convert my blosxom content into an MT style dumpfile for importing into typepad. we'll just have to wait and see.