Sunday, August 3, 2003

Fun In The Sun

so i just got back from a weekend at tracey's parent's house on the jersey shore.

ok, strictly speaking i got back like 3 hours ago, and i've been reading email ever since... i need to get off some of these mailing lists...

it was a good time, despite the rain (which put a damper on the whole 'beach' thing for those who were so inclined) and the sun (for those of us who burst into flame at the first sign of daylight... to misquote peretj "the roof doesn't have a high enough SPF"). we ended up playing lots of uno, watching horrible shows tv, and generally having for most of the weekend. somewhere in there we managed to sneak in a few games of skee ball, which is of course the best thing about going to the beach.

some people did actually manage to spend some time on the beach, despite the rain, although i was not one of them. come on, did you really expect me, colonr, and peretj to spend a whole lot of time on a beach?

anyway, it was fun, and i'm going to go to sleep so i can get up and at least seem enthusiastic for the first day of market data wee^H^H^Hthree days in training. i swear, this is so the last time i'm doing this, three times in a row is definately my limit.