Sunday, August 24, 2003

The More Things Change...

so i upgraded my install of net news wire to the latest beta a few days ago, and i'm happy to see that it's gotten a feature i've always wanted, it shows the differences when a blog entry you've already downloaded changes, rather than just marking it as new again.

in and of itself, this is just damn cool, since i've always been curious exactly what little tweaks people are making after they publish an entry.

the really weird part is that of all the feeds i subscribe to (about 60 at last count), the one that seems to edit their entries after posting them the most is the feed from the new york times, kindly provided via userland software.

i'm not sure what to think about this. i don't think the stories themselves are changing, although honestly i can't be certain, but the short blurb in the rss feed sure as hell is, and that is definately not what i expected from the new york times.

anyone have any opinions on this?