Wednesday, August 6, 2003

Reversing an old Transition

so i'm continuing to play around with typepad, and it's hard to do that without any content, so i've thrown together the beginnings of some blosxom flavour files to generate MT style dump output from my existing blosxom weblog. i haven't made it do categories yet, and i don't think i'm going to be able to get it to do comments (at least not without some post-processing), but right now i can successfully transfer entries directly from blosxom into my typepad blog.

of course, the fact that this was so easy is making me think maybe i should stick with blosxom, just for the hackability, but the insanely great interface of typepad combined with the fantastically good support ben and mena have given me so far has got me real close to switching...

stay tuned for more updates on this breaking story ;-)


  1. By what mechanism are you currently providing Rooneg::Weblog as a livejournal as well? Are you use the blagg livejournal plugin to just push entries to the lj? And how's that working out for you? :-)

    I've been intending to migrate away from lj for my blog for some time, but don't want to force all my friends who currently use lj to explicitly have to go visit my blog or set up RSS aggregation (mostly because they're lazy and won't).

    My previous plan was to get an lj paid account and use the RSS livejoural style people hacked together to aggregate my livejournal into my blog as a particular category. I'm not certain whether that or what you're doing strikes me as more elegant atm, although yours does have the benefit of being (apparently) free.


  2. the easiest way to replicate your blog onto livejournal is via livejournal's rss syndication feature. just get someone with a paid account to map your blog's rss feed into a LJ account (

    personally, i didn't know anyone with a paid account who i was willing to ask, so i'm using the blagg plugin to mirror things over. it works ok most of the time, except when for some reason LJ is overloaded or something and the post fails, blagg will never retry because the post has already been seen by it once, so if you want to get it to post, you need to delete it from blagg's cache and try again, which is irritating.

    if you're using Movable Type, i'm told there are plugins that will post to LJ for you, but i don't know of any off the top of my head.

  3. What specifically is different about typepad that you like? Is it something that could be added to blosxom? I'm not a blog user myself, so I can't say that I have a lot of knowledge in this area.