Monday, October 20, 2003

Random Stuff

A few random points for my 3 readers:

  • It's really annoying when you're tweaking obviously inefficient code to remove the stupidly obvious inefficiencies, and it actually makes the end result slower.
  • While driving to Troy this weekend I determined that my copy of "Rarities, B Sides, and Other Stuff", by Sarah McLachlan, does not play in my car's CD player. I'm like this -><- close to using that as an excuse to buy an iPod.
  • If I had any self control, I would use that as an excuse to burn a CD instead, but let's be honest, what are the odds of me having any self control when it comes to consumer electronics?
  • Being completely and totally interrupt driven sucks, cause you never actually move forward, you just spend all your time dealing with the latest catastrophe, and despite having said to ourselves that "being completely and totally interrupt driven sucks" several times in the past, we seem to be doing it again at work.
  • There is absolutely, positively, zero chance that I will make any progress on my pile of "books i should really read" before new years, and that really really sucks.