Sunday, October 19, 2003

The Weekend

Spent the weekend in Troy at Psi U's 3 to 3.

As usual it was a hell of a fun time, and I got to see a ton of people I almost never get to see. In particular, Saavik actually showed up, and brought her fiance along. He seems quite cool, and she seems to be doing well. It's really odd thinking of Saavik as 'Doctor', so I think I'm just going to ignore that fact.

Oh, and while I did manage to take a number of not entirely crappy pictures, I also find it quite amusing that the one shot I got of Kirsten (when she wasn't paying attention to me and thus couldn't run from the camera or hide behind something) that had a chance of looking decent fell victim to the fact that I don't know what the hell I'm doing, and thus it's ever so slightly blurry.

It looks almost decent if you zoom way the fuck out, but let's be honest, nobody is really interested in a 160 x 107 jpeg.

Oh well, practice makes perfect...