Sunday, March 23, 2003


so it's been like a decade since i last owned a game boy (i had one of the original game boys back in the day, at least until my sister stole it to play tetris), but today i gave in to temptation and got one of the new game boy advance sp's.

it is a fantastically cool device. it's tiny, but functional. it's perfectly sized, about as small as you can get without it being ridiculous to try to actually play it, and the screen is just beautifully bright. i would have liked to have a headphone jack (just like everyone else apparently, if you read the reviews of the system it's the common thread), but overall i don't think it's that much of a sacrifice, given that for like 5 bucks you get the adapter that lets you use one.

it's a little annoying that you have to carry that adapter, but i understand that they're optimizing for size, and this lets them use one plug for both audio and connecting it to the game cube. this seems like a reasonable trade off, since you probably don't care about the headphones if you're using it with a game cube.

the nice thing about waiting this long to get one is that i get to look over all the existing games and only pick the ones that don't suck. i decided on metroid fusion and mario kart super circuit, and both are just fantasically cool.