Wednesday, March 5, 2003

What's Up?

ok, so what's going on in my life...

had my first photography class yesterday. the instructor is amusing, but he seems like a lousy teacher. oh well, at least having the class will force me to get out and take pictures, which is a good thing.

i got frustrated with my inability to get xwindows to work on freebsd, so on a whim i installed redhat. overall, i'm pleased. everything i've tried has 'just worked', which is cool. a far cry from what it was like the last time i set foot in linux land.

still haven't heard from oreilly about my proposal for an oscon talk. at this point, i'd just like to know one way or another, so i can either forget about it in general, or i can start stressing about coming up with the actual presentation.

i really need to get back to work on cancellation support for subversion, and on the second half of my article for oreillynet, and on like a million other things...

but instead, i think i'll just watch tv.