Friday, March 7, 2003

Yeah, Like It's A Real Surprise

so i switched over to blosxom...

unlike some people though, i've taken some care to ensure that the old url for my rss feed will continue to work. if it doesn't, please tell me.

i will miss having comments, but i suppose that'll give me a little bit of motivation to get trackback working. and hey, if you've got something to say you can always email me or something...

and just for the record, my love-hate relationship with httpd.conf continues.

i thought i had it all figured out in my test install of blosxom, but then i switched it over to my blog's normal url, and everything just went strait to hell. the trick seems to be that the ScriptAlias directive that points the root of the virtualhost to the blosxom cgi needs to have a slash at the end, otherwise none of the archive or category links would work. i don't think i have the guts to see if doing so actually broke the ability to access other files in the DocumentRoot, cause if it did, i don't think i've got the energy to figure out what else i can do to make this work...


  1. so what is trackback? how does it work?

  2. for info on trackback, see this page. it's basically a way to post something on one blog that references a post on another blog. i don't honestly use it much, but the writeback blosxom plugin has it included, so i figured why not ;-)

  3. now that rael's writeback plugin is out, i can't even complain about the lack of comments...