Sunday, March 9, 2003


so a bunch of my friends from school decided it was time to "party like it's 1996" (for those playing along at home, 1996 was my freshman year of college).

we all drove up to troy yesterday and took over our fraternity house, which was pretty empty of undergraduates since this weekend is the first weekend of spring break.

we bought the same cheap alcohol we drank freshman year, and wore the same kind clothes (a lot of old "rush psiu" tee-shirts were seen), and listened to the same music we played back then. it was an interesting experience. i mean honestly, the friends i made at psiu are still my best friends, and the time i spent there was different from anything before or after it.

to any of the undergrads who were there who were offended by the alumni taking the house back in time for a night, don't take it the wrong way, we all just needed a chance to unwind and have fun with old friends we haven't seen in a long time. it's not that we have anything against the way the house is now, it's just that it isn't the house we joined (it never is, you'll see in two or three years when you look around and wonder what happened), and for once we wanted to try an experience the house we all remember, with emily drawing smily faces on the eggs, farley and jj sitting behind the bar DJing, and all the other 1996isms you saw last night.

in any event, it was a great time, and any of you reading this who were there, thanks, i needed that.