Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Fun With People's Futures

so i just got back from several hours spent at a local IHOP, going through about a hundred resumes and narrowing them down to 13 that we want to interview for internship positions.

i was really surprised by the contents of many of the resumes. we had a large number of people looking for full time jobs, when we were only interviewing for internships, a number of people with little or even no software experience (it's one thing to be a CS major with no work experience, but a civil engineer with no programming experience just isn't going to cut it at a software company), and one lovely cut and paste problem where the objective stated that the person wanted a job at GM.

anyway, we cut the pile down to the point where the people who go out to cornell will have a reasonable schedule to work from, so that's good, and it was amusing, in a sick sort of way, to see what people actually write on these things. in the future though, i think i'll leave the filtering to someone else, and just do the second round interviews, as the whole process was a bit