Thursday, March 6, 2003


so tamara motivated me to go play around with blosxom.

so far, i think i like it, although i'm not sure if i like it enough to switch from movable type. you can check out my test blog here. i've been playing with a few plugins, which are really neat, much easier than MT plugins from what i can see. i've now got a calendar, archives, and a blogroll that's automatically generated from the output of netnewswire.

what i really need now is a script to dump my MT entries into text files for blosxom. then i can really see if i like it or not. there has to be one out there somewhere...

[later] so yeah, i found a script and modified it to my tastes, so now i've got all my MT entries into blosxom. i'm not sure if i'll put this blog live or not, but i'm thinking about it.